Comme une pluie de perles

3 octobre, 2018


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It’s made a long time since I wrote on this blog for a very good reason: I am creating my online e-shop for my mark(brand) BeadFalls – comme une pluie de perles. I know that some follow me and others discover me. You can leave comments and tell me by return the products you prefer.

Who is BeadFalls?

BeadFalls, it is a human adventure, at first it are only the person who makes jewels for my mom. This hobby fast become a passion, then I made some exhibitions in a companies, and on the way it fast became a Challenge, because I realize on my own that the life is short whatever some can think.
I make everything, selection of the materials, the forms of the jewels which I draw, then I verify if it is wearable, I make the shooting photos, and all the work all around, I write the descrition of the product, and shares with you the short story (Yes, sometimes there is a story) – I give you a small description of the virtues of used stones. Roughly it is my everyday life, I certainly forget some.

I propose you a lot of color. With articles trends and/or timeless, to wear as you want, night and days, for weddings, event, either for special day, to offer, or to offer to yourself.  There is choice for all: man, woman, child. I invite you to follow me in this adventure.

Share with your friends, you can already buy on my  ETSY shop at the following address:
Actually,  there is 20 % on all the shop for min. 20€ of purchases.

Https:// ou

you can follow me on  Instagram @beadfalls

And on  facebook


You can be known by leaving me a message and I would offer you a discount voucher of welcome at the next opening of my online shop. Share with your friends also.

Share, like, comment!!!

Have a nice day

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